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To test drive Exam simulation

Methods :

1) From the Top-Menu Select [TEST DRIVE] and then for which vehicle (book) desired.
2) From the unity of each vehicle Select patent [OFFICIAL TEST].
Note : where you see this signal it means you can see your progress with statistics on tests you've made within three (3) months.

Progress statistics

The statistics remain on your computer for three months. Broken down by Section so you can focus on studying and practicing.
If you do not see the statistics, it means that you stop the cookies from the Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.), turn them so you have all the functions.

All Questions

Here you can see all the questions about the book (vehicle) you have selected.
1) If you get tired, you can start another hour or day from the point you stopped (remembers the question number).
2) If you want to go to a particular question, then type the number of the question in the field next to the Button [go] and press [go]
3) When you find the correct answer (green) automatically brings the next question after 1 sec.
4) The next question you can get with DBL Click or with Button [Next Question]

By Sections

With button [BY SECTIONS] Select one section of the book (vehicle) and you will see all the questions of the selected module to have pooled study.
You can do the same here for transition to any question you want to [go].
Note : From question in question will not see the number 1,2,3 ... but the actual number of the question (perhaps you will need this in your study).

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